A word from the designer...

I have been a web graphics designer since 1995. I do not learn my designing skills from cookie cutter style design books; but rather I am a self-taught, hands on person and work best experimenting and trying different things. My client base is my key to design diversity.

I have had great success with my clients. My goal is to please my clients and leave them feeling confident with a satisfactory website to show.

Whatever the client hits me with, I am ready for the challenge.

Dylan Cramer

Cramer Design Studio

Cramer Design Studio is a small multimedia design business located in Washington State. We have a few packages that we offer on a basic level, although we encourage clients to get in contact with us to build a package that best suits the project.

The goal of Cramer Design Studio is to provide you with something better than you expected from the start, for a very fair price. If your expectations are not met, we will do what it takes to make it right.

Cramer Design Studio strives to keep the client happy from day one. To show that, we guarantee that we will not lock the customer into any contracts along the way and will maintain complete client satisfaction.